Redco Concrete Solutions strives to remain on the cutting edge of products and processes within the construction industry; that is why we are proud to be an installer of Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms.  These forms are revolutionary to building construction.  With new energy codes and a desire to build a greener product, we believe an ICF system helps achieve these goals and provides a long lasting, high quality product.

Insulated Concrete Forms are literal “Building Blocks” for a home, they can be used for just a foundation (even basements!) or the entire outer shell of your building.  These foam blocks are stacked, rebar is tied within them to comply with building codes and they are then filled with concrete for rigidity.  The interior and exterior cladding materials (i.e. siding and sheetrock) can then be applied directly to the ICF walls, thus eliminating the need for exterior wall framing and insulation.

This system increases energy efficiency, dampens sound, and provides an excellent fire rating all while saving construction time and cost.  Contact us today to learn more about the ICF system and why it is superior to traditional building systems