Helical Piers are the perfect, minimally invasive option for lifting and supporting existing structures or new construction; they prove to be the best support system for foundations in wet or environmentally sensitive areas, in areas with fill materials or hillsides. Piers are also used to support and repair settling basements, porch columns, interior concrete slab floors, garage floors, porches, patios, and are appropriate for commercial and residential applications.
Helical piers are screwed into the ground with a hydraulic drill much like a screw into wood.  The piles are turned into native soil until desired torque is reached.  The structure load is then transferred to a bracket on top of the pile which supports and, if necessary, lifts the structure.
Helical piers are also an ideal solution for the support of boardwalks, docks and bridges; they can also be used as tieback support for basement and retaining walls.
Because helical piers are an environmentally friendly option for foundation support and repair they can be used in sensitive areas such as marshes and wetlands.  There is minimal soil disturbance and the results are long lasting and reliable.
If your floors are sloped, or you have noticed cracks or gaps in your walls, ceilings, foundation or chimney you may be candidate for a helical pier repair.

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